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The combination of our business solutions and the legal and international expertise of WOLF THEISS enables active and comprehensive compliance management for companies. Our established network of experts provides our clients with a unique one-stop-shop.

Susanne Pirkl (Management Assistant)

Major cases of corruption and fraud have brought the issue of compliance into many companies’ focus. Legislators are also increasingly obliging organizations to ensure compliance with statutory rules, regulations and voluntary commitments by introducing internal guidelines. However, such sets of rules, known as compliance codes or codes of conduct, not only ensure compliance with legal obligations, but can also protect companies from financial damage and loss of reputation in the long term.

For many companies, defining a compliance code is the first step toward a compliance management system. However, only a monitoring system which ensures adherence turns the compliance code an active control element.

We offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of data management, from employee and patient data to outsourcing, data storage, data leaks and cyber attacks. We also have accredited legal and technical experts who can evaluate your IT products and IT-based services for the recognized European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe). In this way, you ensure your company conformity with the GDPR and maximum transparency to your customers and employees.

GDPR Implementation and External Data Protection Officers

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), controllers and processors are required to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data in their companies. All data processing must also be documented in a register of processing activities. We can help you to identify the areas in your company where action is required with regard to GDPR and to develop possible measures to close such gaps.


Independent certification of your IT products and IT-based services helps you demonstrate the greatest possible transparency and gain the trust of your customers and employees. The European Privacy Seal EuroPriSe is a recognized certificate that is valid in all EU countries.
With us, you will find accredited legal and technical EuroPrise experts under one roof, allowing you to handle the evaluation process in a time and cost-saving manner.

Not only have regulations increased, but so have the costs associated with compliance violations. Our experts in various fields such as corporate law, public commercial law, competition law and public procurement law can provide you with comprehensive support in complying with the regulations relevant to you throughout Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

We also help our clients implement corporate compliance programs to minimize risks. To prevent such risks, we also advise you on the development and implementation of customized compliance programs.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Compliance is on everyone’s minds, evoking largely negative associations: embezzlement, corruption and unethical behaviour. Reputational damage and fines are often seen as a benign outcome for the companies concerned after wrongdoing has been uncovered.

The accumulation of such grievances and tougher intervention by the legislature are prompting more and more companies to take a closer look at the issue of compliance and good governance and to perceive compliance as an awareness-raising process.

A passive approach to compliance, which is limited to adherence to national and international rules and regulations, is being replaced by an active compliance management system that also provides an infrastructure for monitoring compliance with rules and sanctioning violations.

Prevention of white-collar crime

We help you implement and enforce your corporate compliance programs. We install e-learning programs and develop relevant documents such as a code of ethics, anti-corruption policies, anti-money laundering policies and rules for whistleblowing processes.

GDPR Compliance

Through inventory analyses and GAP analyses, we can help you identify those areas in your company where action is needed with regard to the GDPR and develop possible measures to close such gaps. Independent certification of your IT products and IT-based services by the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) helps you to demonstrate maximum transparency and compliance with the GDPR.

With us, you will find accredited legal and technical experts under one roof, allowing you to handle the evaluation process in a time- and cost-saving manner.

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