We offer "one-stop-shop".

We are a customer and value-oriented company for all services involving outside directorships and corporate services

We provide professional services in all the areas in which we operate. We cooperate with highly professional subcontractors even when our own capacities reach overload.

Unser Ziel ist es, durch eine langfristige und für beide Seiten vorteilhafte Zusammenarbeit einen möglichst hohen Nutzen für unsere Kunden zu erzielen und einen nachweisbaren und kalkulierbaren Mehrwert für deren Wertschöpfungskette zu generieren.

RBS is committed to the highest standards of confidentiality.

We voluntarily submit to the strict rules that apply to the legal profession.

This allows us to avoid technical and commercial conflict situations.

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The Invisible Partner

We tailor our services to meet your precise requirements. In many cases, our customers prefer to retain sole management and control and do not want a third party to know that we are discreetly involved.

Let us do It all

We act on your behalf

In other cases, our customers want us to openly support them and thus strengthen their position. Sometimes our customers want us to even lead the entire process conceptually and operationally.

RBS establishes shelf companies for you, which:

  • are registered in the Austrian Company Register
  • have an existing company register number
  • have a domestic bank account
  • have a fully paid-up share capital
  • have a fast and legally-secured transfer mechanism (including legal advice and notary appointment)
  • and are completed with overnight courier delivery of the necessary documents

Our team of experts is able to provide the full range of Cosec Services, which can be tailored to fit your needs, including:

  • Liaising with the relevant authorities and providing all necessary information
  • Preparation of convocation notices, meeting minutes or written resolutions of the Management Board and the General Meeting of the Company
  • Preparation of documents required for the Company’s annual General Meeting
  • Maintaining a minute book of board meetings and preparation of other documents as may be required by the Company
  • Preparation of Management Board and shareholders’ resolutions and the appropriate statutory forms for filing with the Austrian Companies Register
  • Advising on company secretarial matters and related activities
  • Providing an invoice settlement system (i.e. ensuring timely execution of payment orders, collecting required signatures and forwarding them to the respective banks for execution).
  • Joint Folder File Sharing System (if so required): offering an online collaboration platform which provides a secure environment for project and transaction management as well as for collaboration and communication
We can provide you with a registered business address in Austria to operate. We offer the following services:
  • Provision of a business address in the first district of Vienna (city center)
  • The address is registered in the Austrian Company Register
  • Correspondence from the relevant tax authorities, the Company Register and with the Vienna Trade Licensing Authority (if the company carries out a commercial activity) and other authorities is sent via this address
    • Receipt of physical mail and forwarding to the responsible bodies or legal representatives
    • Upon request, we scan incoming mail and forward it by e-mail
We offer the provision of directors, branch representatives and proxy holders under Austrian company and commercial law, to cover (among other things):
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the company
  • Non-operating management services
  • Notification of the shareholders in matters of the annual financial statements and the Board of Management’s report on the business status of the company
  • Execution of resolutions
  • Provision of information to shareholders
  • Convocation of the Annual General Meeting
  • Convening an Extraordinary General Meeting, if the meeting is in the interests of the company, especially following a loss of 50% of the nominal capital
  • Convening an Extraordinary General Meeting, if at least 10% of the shareholders submit a reasonable, written request
  • Measures to maintain and secure the company’s capital
  • Call for funding of the nominal capital of the shareholders
  • Notification of changes at the company to the commercial register
  • Notification of changes of the shareholders to the commercial register
  • Keeping employees’ records
  • Timely application of opening any insolvency proceedings in the event of illiquidity or excessive indebtedness
Regarding accounting related services, we collaborate with award-winning, expert tax advisors. Our external partner HHP, offers our clients all accounting-related services to fulfil their legal (for VAT returns, obligatory financial statements in Austrian GAAP, tax declarations) and internal reporting requirements. In addition, our partner HHP specialises in payroll accounting and financial accounting and will gladly support our clients with mandatory or voluntary audits or tax audits. HHP works with the utmost commitment and always acts as a reliable partner.
(Gernot Rauter - Managing Partner)
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careful partner selection

We are a part of WOLF THEISS

The members of the RBS management team have many years of successful experience in management consulting, with a solid focus on director services, corporate structuring, restructuring and the establishment and development of companies.

Within these functions, we have successfully implemented many projects for our clients, and in many cases, our parent company Wolf Theiss served as the backbone of such implementation.

Selected by know-how

We work with the best

The mix of different talents, diverse industry backgrounds and many years of consulting and implementation experience forms the track record of RBS. In order to work efficiently and accurately, these are indispensable success factors for our clients.

For reasons of professional confidentiality, which we take very seriously, names of individual projects and clients can only be disclosed on a case-by-case basis and with the express consent of the respective clients.

Should you require specific information in this regard, we kindly ask you to contact us directly.