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SecuReveal - an Austrian Whistleblowing System

With the modern, cost-effective software solution SecuReveal, we offer a lean and innovative whistleblowing system that enables the reporting of violations of corporate compliance codes.

As a subsidiary of WOLF THEISS Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG, we have access to a large, international network of legal experts who can assist with all legal issues relating to compliance.

RBS Responsible Business Solutions GmbH (RBS) was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing companies with comprehensive support in designing an active compliance management system.

SecuReveal is offered as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). This means that customers can always be sure they are using the latest version of the software in a stable, secure and fail-safe environment.

Jump Start Active Compliance Management and Good Governance.

For many companies, defining a compliance code is the first step toward a compliance management system. However, only a monitoring system which ensures adherence turns the compliance code an active control element.

The online-based whistleblower system SecuReveal enables whistleblowers worldwide and around the clock to report internal grievances and breaches of rules to a confidential office within the company, thus contributing to corporate compliance in practice.

This enables companies concerned with possible grievances to investigate allegations at an early stage in a structured manner and to take appropriate action.

SecuReveal gives employees and suppliers the opportunity to submit reports anonymously and to enter into an anonymous dialog with the responsible department within the company via a secure online tool.


Our online whistleblower software SecuReveal promises your company the highest data security available in Europe. SecuReveal is configured according to individual compliance guidelines where reports are restricted to defined areas and allows for use in multiple languages.


SecuReveal is provided as software-as-a-service. This means instant online access with minimal implementation effort. With the combination of our legal and technical expertise, you are always up to date with various applicable compliance guidelines.


Our tailor-made solution is adapted to the specific requirements of your company and designed at a fair price. SecuReveal can also map complex corporate structures and is particularly suitable for use in international groups.

Variant 1: SecuReveal – Managed

This “out of the box” approach includes the following performance features:

Variant 2: SecuReveal – In-House

To allow the customer a higher degree of system customisation, a dedicated customer instance is provided by RBS. This means that the following services can be offered on an individualised basis in addition to the “Managed” variant:

The initial qualification of the incoming information and the recommendations for action are reserved for variant 1. This activity is carried out by the client in variant 2.

SecuReveal - not a complaint box, but an active compliance tool! Our software only allows messages that are covered by your compliance policy.

Gernot Rauter (Managing Partner)



Group Capable



Complete reporting




Data security






Web-based whistleblowing systems have decisive advantages over telephone whistleblowing hotlines, mere e-mail inboxes or an external ombudsperson.

Roland Marko (Legal Advisor)

The anonymity of whistleblowers is guaranteed by a protected, multi-level login procedure with a user name and password of their own choice. No technical authentication measures are required for the subsequent use of SecuReveal by whistleblowers.

SecuReveal not only enables one-time whistleblowing, but also offers compliance officers the option of contacting the respective whistleblower via an anonymous mailbox, if this is desired by the whistleblower.

SecuReveal ensures individual encryption of all message content, mailbox data and processing data, protecting it from unlawful access by third parties. Only legitimate recipients can decrypt and read the data.

SecuReveal uses an integrated private-public key encryption method. This generates a key pair consisting of a private and a public key.

The public key is usually accessible to several people (e.g. whistleblowers, compliance officers), who can use it to encrypt their messages.

The private key is only available to the respective user and enables him to decrypt encrypted messages again. The private key is additionally protected by a password.
The private key and the personal password are therefore required for decryption. Even system administrators and developers do not have access to the private keys or passwords at any time.

The compliance officer is the only one who has access to the records and stored information. SecuReveal performs all encryption operations fully automatically, so security does not come at the expense of usability.

SecuReveal is operated on dedicated servers in certified data centres in Austria (ISO 27001:2013 certification). The system itself, in particular the mechanisms for protecting reported information and the communication process between end users and the company, complies with Austrian data security standards and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).