We deliver tailor-made business solutions for responsible companies

RBS Responsible Business Solutions GmbH (RBS) was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing companies comprehensive support in designing an active compliance management system.

As a subsidiary of WOLF THEISS Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG, we have access to a large, international network of legal experts who can support us in all legal issues relating to compliance.

We are the competent implementation partner in the compliance, data protection and certification sector. Learn more about our expertise.

As an employee of RBS, I'm happy knowing I can make a significant contribution to the progress of compliance management in Austria. Companies and organisations make use of our innovative products and solutions, which strengthens the respective security standards in the company and the region.

Alexander Miklautz (Sales Consultant)

With the modern, cost-efficient software solution SecuReveal, RBS offers a streamlined and innovative whistleblowing system that enables the reporting of violations of corporate compliance codes.

Additionally, we offer service such as the appointment of an external data protection officer and EuroPriSe certifications.


Gernot Rauter


Gernot has several years of professional experience as a project manager in management consulting roles and in leading positions in national and international companies. Gernot graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Due to his affinity for technology, he focuses on the IT software industry and the professional services environment. Engagements in retail and experience in industry round off his professional portfolio. In the role of Senior Vice President, CFO, COO and Managing Director in various companies, Gernot was able to expand and develop his management experience.

In addition to his role as Managing Director of RBS, Gernot serves as Group CFO for the WOLF THEISS Group, respectively in various management functions within the group, but also for clients in management consulting.


Helmut Waitzer


Helmut Waitzer is the regional Chief Information Officer at Wolf Theiss and is based in Vienna. With nearly 20 years of professional experience in the IT and technology sector, Helmut specialises in information economy and business information systems.

Prior to joining Wolf Theiss, he was the head of IT and Organization of a renowned Austrian independent system house with offices across Austria, Germany and Switzerland, which optimizes corporate processes and implements business software solutions for national and international companies. He has a Master of Social and Economic Sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is a graduate of the TGM Vienna Higher Technical Education Institute.

He is also certified as a EuroPriSe technical expert. Helmut is a member of the National Engineering Association (VOI) and of the Technologist Association.


Roland Marko

Senior Legal Consultant

Roland Marko, partner in the IP & IT team at Wolf Theiss, started his career with the firm in 2008. He specializes in IT law (data protection, IT outsourcing, cloud computing, online commerce and license agreements) and has extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property law as well as litigation. Roland regularly speaks on various IT, data protection and compliance topics at ARS, IIR, BMÖ and has been presenting at a Wolf Theiss event series on the implementation of the GDPR since November 2016.

He is a certified auditor for the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe).


Alexander Miklautz

Senior Sales Consultant

Alexander Miklautz specialises in the fields of marketing, communication & sales and has several years of professional experience in the aforementioned sectors. Alexander holds a master’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in Media & Communication Consulting, and a bachelor’s degree from the Management Centre Innsbruck in Management & Law. He is also a graduate of the diploma course “”Online Marketing”” at the Werbeakademie Wien.

In addition to his work as Senior Sales Consultant at RBS, he is currently Marketing & Events Coordinator at the WOLF THEISS Group.


Susanne Pirkl

Assistant to the Management

After my education, I was able to gain experience as an assistant in retail and wholesale as well as in the real estate industry.

At RBS, I support the management in all office matters as well as in accounting.

Data protection/data security is important, but not yet perceived as such everywhere – we want to raise awareness.